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  • ‘Ladies Ballet Class’ every Tuesday morning 10:00-11:00

    ‘ New Class from June’ Ladies Ballet every Tuesday from 10.00-11.00.

    The lesson will be a combination of basic barre, some stretching and a few combinations in the centre.
    It is a suitable level for beginners or for ladies who haven’t danced for many years! Come and join us.

    Please call for a trial lesson on 092 725 2274.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Kyushu international Dance Competition

    九州国際ダンスコンペティションKyushu International Dance Competition


    Ballet Shoes A
    4位 浦野 真央. 4th Mao Urano
    7位 花田 美陽. 7th Mihiro Hanada
    8位 内野 優. 8th Yu Uchino
    10位 平田 淑乃. 10th Yoshino Hirata


    Ballet shoes B
    3位 山内 悠
    3rd Haruka Yamauchi
    7位 高橋 蒼和子
    7th Sowako Takahashi


    Classical female D
    7位 山内 爽
    7th Saya Yamauchi

    Annette Roselli Dance Academy:Summer school scholarship award(January 2019)
    高橋 彦哉. Hikoyah Takahashi

    Beijing Dancer Art Culture Development Company (Full Scholarship)
    山内 悠. Haruka Yamauchi

    Annette Roselli Dance Academy:Elite Training Program Scholarship Award
    アネット・ロスリ・アカデミーエリート トレーニングプログラム賞
    山内 爽. Saya Yamauchi

    Goh Ballet Scholarship Award
    山内 爽. Saya Yamauchi

    Janacek Conservatory Scholarship for one year Admission
    佐々木 ちはる. Chiharu Sasaki

    Yerevan Dancing Art State College Scholarship Short Visit Admission (2 Weeks)
    アルメニア国立バレエ学校 短期参加訪問許可(2週間)
    山内 爽. Saya Yamauchi

  • Kyushu Ballet Association Competition

    クラシックバレエコンクール 2018

    Kyushu Ballet Association Classical Ballet Competition 2018


    Pre-competition ballet shoes and boys
    銀賞 浦野 真央

    Silver Mao Urano
    銅賞 内野 優

    Bronze Yu Uchino

    銅賞 山内 悠

    Bronze Haruka Yamauchi

    入賞 山内 爽

    Commendation of excellence
    Saya Yamauchi

  • Fleur Ballet Competition




    Spring Break Competitions
    20 participants from Junior/Senior/Advance classes

    《フルール全国バレエコンクール 》
    Fleur National Ballet Competition

    Ballet Shoes
    1位 花田 美陽 1st Mihiro Hanada
    3位 浦野 真央 3rd Mao Urano

    優秀賞. Excellence award
    内野 優・塚本 桜・高橋 彦哉
    Yu Uchino, Sakura Tsukamoto, Hikoyah Takahashi

    奨励賞 Commendation Awards
    黒田 結女・柴田 実歩・白井 ゆきは・平田 淑乃・吉田 莉南・中島田 望礼・廣渡 春海
    Yume Kuroda, Miho Shibata, Yukiha Shirai, Yoshino Hirata, Rina Yoshida,
    Mirai Nakashimada, Shunkai Watanabe

    池見 莉菜
    Rina Ikemi

    Ballet Shoes Elementary school (years 5/6)
    3位 山内 悠
    3rd Haruka Yamauchi

    5位 高橋 蒼和子
    5th Sowako Takahashi


    Elementary school age
    Pointe shoes
    8位 山内 悠 8th Haruka Yamauchi

    Junior High School age
    優秀賞. Commendation
    佐々木ちはる・山内 爽・田原 寧々
    Chiharu Sasaki, Saya Yamauchi, Nene Tahara

  • Aims and Goals

    At Soraya Jayne’s International ballet School, we strive to provide a positive learning experience in a caring and happy environment.

    Our aims and goals include:

    • Design programmes and a curriculum to meet the needs of all of our students.
    • To monitor the curriculum for potential improvement.
    • To challenge students to achieve their very best.
    • To respect each students full potential as a dancer and individual.
    • To encourage those students who wish to pursue a career in classical ballet and provide the necessary support.
    • To continue to value the diversity of our international environment.
    • To further expand our exposure locally, nationally and internationally through workshops, competitions, performances and Russian Ballet Society Examinations.