Terms and Conditions


The Director determines which applicant shall be accepted into the school. Should the applicant be deemed unsuitable for any reason, acceptance will not be granted.


Please read these terms and conditions.

Complete and sign the registration/agreement forms. If your child has a health concern, please submit a medical report from the child’s physician indicating his/her consent for your child to participate. In this case, acceptance to the school may be granted on the condition that the parent or guardian be present during each lesson. This must be revised periodically for the welfare and safety of the student concerned, by both the physician and Director.


Registration Fee ¥16,500

  • This money should be paid upon acceptance into the school.
  • This money is not refundable.
  • Should the student withdraw from the course and return, the registration fee must once again be paid in full.

Annual Insurance ¥940 (16 years ¥1,990)

  • All students must pay an annual accident insurance premium of ¥940. This payment is mandatory and must be paid on acceptance into the program. It is renewed in April of each year.

Monthly Tuition Fees

  • Tuition fees are to be paid monthly through the Nishi Nippon City bank. Details will be given upon acceptance.
  • If you do not have a bank account you may pay in cash, directly to the office on the first lesson day of each month.
  • For monthly tuition rates, please refer to the tuition chart.


In the case of delinquent payment, if more than one account is delinquent, or fees have not been paid for 2 months, the student will be subject to suspension from attending lessons until all payments are received.


We offer a 44 week annual program. Please check the courses and the lesson schedule. (These will be updated each year from April).

In the event of a typhoon, bad weather, earthquake or any natural disaster that may endanger the welfare or safety of students and teachers, lessons will be cancelled. Substitute lessons are not optional in this case.

Spring, summer and winter vacations are scheduled.


The Director shall determine the level most suitable for the student. Please respect the Director’s decision.

The following are considered during placement:

  • Maturity- physically and mentally.
  • Understanding of technique and instruction.
  • Understanding of terminology.
  • Execution of all technique and steps to be mastered at each level and ability to perform confidently without referring to the teacher.
  • Number of weekly lessons.
  • Examination results.
  • Age is considered, but does not determine a place in a more advanced class.

Any sports or movement, including ballet, poses a risk to injury if not executed properly. The student should always listen carefully to the teacher and should only attempt those steps to be mastered at each level.


For a child to succeed in the art of ballet, and to be comfortable during class, it is essential to attend class regularly. In the case of any absences, please notify the office by phone (092-725-2274) or email (school@sj-ballet.com). In the event the phone is not answered, please leave a message. Make-up classes are allowed with an excused absence. Refunds will not be given in cases of absence, unless approved by the Director (please read article 8). Please inform the school if your child is to be late. To prevent injury, students arriving late will be asked to warm up by themselves before joining class. Alternatively, late students may be asked to observe the class. Please respect the teacher’s decision at this time.


Leave of Absence

In special circumstances, which must be approved by the Director, should the student wish to be absent for an extended period, a “Leave of Absence” form must be completed and handed into the office one month before commencement of leave. These forms are available from the office. In this case, half of the monthly lesson fee will be reimbursed, up to a period of 2 months maximum.

Reduction of Weekly Lessons

Should the student wish to reduce the number of weekly lessons, a form must be completed and handed into the office one month before commencement of the month of change. These forms are available from the office.

Please note: Reimbursement is considered on a monthly basis. Reimbursement of periods less than one month are not acceptable.


A student is free to withdraw from the school at any time. However, one months notice is required before withdrawal. Withdrawal forms are available from the office. If the withdrawal form is not completed and not received one month prior to withdrawal, the following months fees must be forfeited. Please note that any tuition fees paid up to withdrawal will not be returned. This includes the registration fee.

Should it be necessary to ask a student to leave the program, for any of the following reasons, tuition fees paid up to that point will not be returned.

i)   The director determines that the student should not continue for physical or behavioral reasons.
ii)  The student is repeatedly absent from class.
iii) Tuition fees have not been paid.


Parents are responsible for getting their child/ren to and from class on time. The school is not responsible for any injury or accident incurred during transportation to or from class.

Parents are responsible for their child’s safety and welfare, including siblings, in the waiting area, dressing rooms, toilets, on the stairs and the 1F area (including the automatic door on the 1F). Please take care of younger siblings, do not let them go into the changing rooms unsupervised. The waiting area is for waiting, not a play ground. Please watch your child at all times. The school is not responsible for the students safety or welfare outside of lesson times.

Parents/guardians may wait in the room adjacent to the ballet studio during the instruction period. Younger siblings are allowed under strict supervision.

Students are not permitted to train at other ballet schools, whilst a member of this school.

To attend workshops and other forms of dance, you must have prior permission from the Director. Failure to have permission will warrant further action from the Director, as to whether the student may continue training at the school.

This school strictly prohibits students and parents from defamatory, calumniatory or disparagingly false statements. The school will dismiss any student, or the student of any parent that makes such statements that may cause others to lose trust in the school.

Should you have any concerns, please speak directly to a member of staff or mail your concern to the school. If the concern cannot be solved immediately a meeting will be set up between the concerned party and the Director to come to a fair and professional decision.

No pets are allowed inside the building.


The school performance is mandatory for all students. Performances will be scheduled every 2 years to benefit the students. Any fees required for participation are to be borne by the participant. Refusal to participate will warrant further action from the Director to determine if that student is deemed worthy to continue at this school.


These are mandatory from Primary level to Senior level. From Advanced level they are optional but encouraged. These are scheduled every 2 years.


SJIBS maintains a strict dress code and a uniform for the younger students, to encourage improved concentration.
Students are required to purchase and wear the uniform assigned to their level.
Students who are not properly attired may be asked to leave class, or change into appropriate clothing.
Uniforms must be bought through the school.
Uniforms should be kept clean.
Holes should be mended.
Long hair should be secured in a bun.
Jewellery and hair accessories are not allowed from pre-ballet to senior level. They may inflict injury upon other students.

From Pre-ballet to Junior class boys must wear a white fitted t-shirt, black tights, black or white ballet shoes. (Black shorts are permissible during the summer with white ankle socks). From Senior class there is no uniform but suitable ballet attire must be worn.


This is essential in preparing a student for advanced ballet training. Only teachers can determine when a student is ready to begin. Strong feet, ankles, legs and body control are considered, as well as sufficient training and technique. Pointe lesson generally starts from Senior class.


The school is not responsible for any accidents or damage that may incur whilst using the school’s parking spaces. Do not park your vehicles in front of the school or the buildings opposite. Do not park in the staff parking area behind the building.


Students who are interested in participating in international ballet courses must have approval from the Director.

  • The student must be of senior or advanced level.
  • The student must be mature both mentally and physically.
  • The student must have the required level technically.
  • Application must be made at least 6 months prior to the program.
  • Depending upon the course you wish to attend, a video audition may also be a requirement.
  • An application is not a guarantee for placement.
  • All expenses, including application, registration, travel, insurance, accommodation, course fees, teacher accompaniment (if necessary) are to be borne by the applicant.
  • Administration and teachers fees will be charged accordingly. This fee cannot be reimbursed should the applicant fail to be accepted on the course, or should the applicant cancel arrangements due to personal circumstances.

Please ask the office if you have any other queries.

DVD auditions / Photographs / Letter of Recommendation

These must be made with the Director’s permission and guidance.
DVD audition/photographs.Director fees 11000 yen per hour, assistant fees 5500 per hour. Letter of Recommendation ¥3,300.
Cameraman/video fees are not included.


As a career choice in ballet or dance, we can recommend some ballet schools. These are usually recommended after completion and graduation from Junior High School in Japan (from the age of 16). There are also courses from the age of 18.

Please consider the following if you wish to apply;

  • Application is generally made up to 2 years before entrance.
  • Audition is usually one or two years prior to commencement. In Europe the school year begins from September. In Australia the school year begins from January.
  • Application, registration, travel, insurance, accommodation, course fees are to be borne by the applicant. Any necessary student visa must be applied for by the student.

DVD auditions / Photographs / Letter of Recommendation

These must be made with the Director’s permission and guidance.
DVD audition/ photographs ¥11 000 per hour. Letter of Recommendation ¥3,300.


Concours is not an option until the student is physically and mentally capable.
The participant will be representing the school and must be well-behaved and mature in social skills .
We understand the wish for the student to undertake a challenge but to push oneself beyond one’s natural capabilities can result in physical injuries and for some, mental stress.


  • Regular ballet lessons at least 3 times per week.
  • Junior/Senior/Advanced level.
  • Variation rehearsals at least 3 times per week.
  • High standard technically .
  • Physical capability.
  • Mental maturity and capability.
  • Approval from the Director. The Directors decision is final.

A rehearsal schedule will be fixed accordingly.

Saturday and Sunday rehearsals will be scheduled for Junior and Senior students.

Parent accompaniment at Junior and Senior level is mandatory on the day of competing.

Concours Coaching and Entry Fees
Information will be given prior to the concours.

Private coaching ¥11 000 per hour.


  • For Children:

Ballet classes can involve a risk of personal injury. Our teacher’s are all professionals and take upmost care in the conduct of our classes to prevent injuries. Soraya Jayne’s International Ballet School accepts no responsibility for injury caused during classes. You are responsible for ensuring that your child is physically and mentally fit for the class and abides by the instructions and expectations of the class teacher.

Please ensure you have completed the registration form and made the teacher aware of any medical conditions before your child participates in her first class.

Photos and video footage may be taken for publicity purposes occasionally and your child may be included in this publicity.

  • For Adults:

I am over 20 years of age and wish to participate as a student in classes given by Soraya Jayne’s International Ballet School.

I confirm I have read and accept the terms and conditions as laid out by Soraya Jayne’s International Ballet School.

I understand that whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety of all participants, all physical activity carries a certain amount of risk for injury.

I understand that all students participate at their own risk. I accept that all belongings brought to classes by students are done so at their own risk.

I understand that photos and video footage may be taken for publicity purposes occasionally and I am happy to be included in this publicity.

I  understand payment for the classes must be made in advance, or on the day before the lesson begins.

  • Update 2020.05