School Profile

Soraya Jayne’s International Ballet School was established in 1996, when founder and Principal Soraya Jayne saw the opportunity to teach an alternative classical ballet training to children in Japan.

The school offers high quality classical ballet training with a curriculum designed for both the aspiring, career focused student and for the recreational student. The students learn in a safe, caring and nurturing environment of mutual respect. The faculty are all highly qualified, with previous careers as professional dancers.


Soraya Jayne’s International Ballet School is the only ballet school in Japan that is recognized by The Russian Ballet Society, United Kingdom. The school enters the students into accredited ballet examinations every two years. These are internationally recognized by Ofqual. Students can use these examination qualifications when applying to study at international ballet schools. For the recreational students, it gives them focus, an achievable goal and ultimately self-confidence. A teachers course is also attainable for older students who may wish to have a career as a ballet teacher. We have a mandatory school performance every 2 years and we also enter students into national competitions throughout the year.

We understand that not every student wishes to have a career in dance but we also understand the benefits and joy that dancing can bring to any child. The school will help each student to develop according to their own interests, in an age appropriate class, suited to their abilities.

Many of our students are currently studying, or have recently graduated, from full-time international dance programs at renowned ballet schools, such as The Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, Elmhurst School of Ballet and The Northern Ballet School, United Kingdom. The Australian Conservatoire of Ballet, The Royal Ballet School of Antwerp, Goh Ballet School, Canada and Zurich International Ballet School, Switzerland. We have a very successful record of supporting students to achieve their goal of studying abroad.

Pre-ballet classes are taught by the Principal Soraya Jayne. Students learn in a fun, creative and disciplined environment, with instructions in English. The young students benefit greatly from these unique, imaginative pre-ballet lessons. Recognizing and learning basic English from their early years, gives them the confidence and the skills to master languages later on. The imaginative lessons encourage them to become more creative and ultimately more artistic in their dancing.

At our school we have been welcoming international, dual-nationality and local students for over 20 years. The full time ballet staff can communicate in both English and Japanese. Every student and teacher at Soraya Jayne’s International Ballet School is encouraged to respect various values that come from differing nationalities, gender, age and personalities.


The school is situated in the beautiful, tranquil area of Ohori Park. It is in a convenient and safe location, very close to the subway lines and buses. Classes are taught in a large, custom built studio with a non-slip, sprung floor and grand piano. Ballet classes are accompanied by live piano at every level.