At SJIBS you may apply for a trial lesson at anytime during the year.

If your child is accepted, your child’s place can be reserved for just one week after the trial lesson. If we do not receive confirmation of enrollment after this one week period, your child’s place will be given to the next waiting candidate.

Admission Criteria

The Director assesses each individual during a trial lesson and places them in a class suited to their age, ability and level. The Directors decision is final.

Children must be at least 3 years old from April 1st to enroll for that years course.

No previous training or experience is necessary at Pre-Ballet level (3-6 years age). Older applicants are generally expected to have previous ballet training. We may take older students, with no previous experience, but they must start at a suitable level of training with younger students.

Please do not hesitate to enquire about enrollment at any age and we will do our best to accept you in to our school.